Tony Allen

Change of Employer Location


I have an Apprenticeship learner who is moving to work at a separate location with the same employer part way through their Apprenticeship. The employer owns several sites, so the details on the Apprenticeship service remain the same it is just the location that is altering.

In this instance, do I just need to enter the EDRS code to show the new location or would I also need to update the TNP codes with residual prices as you do for a full change of employer?


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Martin West

The PSM states: If there is any change in the apprentice’s employment status or employment status monitoring during their programme, then a new employment status record must be added to accurately record this.

As this is not a change of employer (same DAS account) you should not need to add a residual price.


Tony Allen

That's great. Thanks for confirming this Martin.