Darren O'Neill

Maximum Working Hours


I'm struggling to find a definitive answer as to whether there is a maximum working hours for an 18 year old apprentice. The Funding Rules glossary states: 'Working hours The apprentice’s paid hours, not including any overtime. There are maximum weekly working hours. Apprentices must complete their apprenticeship (including any training) during paid working hours' , but doesn't seem to suggest what the maximum is.

Has anyone come across this before and managed to find the answer? We have an 18 year old apprentice applicant who works 46.5 hours per week. 



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Ben James

Per the working time directive, an adult cannot be expected to work more than 48 hours per week (exceptions do apply e.g. armed forces). Under 18s cannot be asked to work more than 40 hours per week. On the basis that your apprentice is 18, it would seem like 46.5 hours is technically fine. 

Darren O'Neill

Thanks for that. I wasn't sure if an 18 year old would be classed as a young worker, but it would seem not.