Post-16 Monitoring

Newly improved Post-16 monitoring dashboard


The post-16 monitoring dashboard will be available, from 16 December 2021, following the close of the R04 ILR data submission. Thanks to feedback from providers, we’ve made key changes to the dashboard, so it displays information in a more streamlined and user-friendly format. 

Historic data is still being moved over to our new model following the close of R14 for the 2021 to 2022 funding year, and this will be available in the dashboard in January. We’ve published a known issues log in the dashboard itself, rather than as a separate document, making it easier to identify any issues or changes being made to data in-year.

School census providers will be able to view their data on the dashboard in Spring 2022.

Over the coming months we will post hints and tips for getting the most out of the dashboard and will use a wider range of media to support providers, training organisations and employers.



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