Peter Keating

16-18 Apprentice - new employer for EPA - Put on DAS?


We have a 16-18 Apprentice that is past their planned end date by a month or two, has just entered into EPA and is about to move employer due to their contract expiring with current employer they are about to finish EPA with.

If the EPA takes longer than expected or needs to be re-sat do we need to put the learner on the DAS with the new employer? And would that employer be entitled to new 16-18 Apprentice £3000 employer incentive? (Learner started in October 2018 before incentive increase)



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Martin West

From the funding rules:

P158 The apprentice must be employed until the end-point assessment is completed. The only exception is where the apprentice has been made redundant and we are funding the apprenticeship to completion.

As the Apprenticeship is employed under an Apprenticeship Agreement this takes precedence over any contract of employment the employer has issued, note 3 refers to the end day.

  1. When the apprenticeship agreement must be in place An apprenticeship agreement must be in place when an individual starts a statutory apprenticeship programme and should remain in place throughout the apprenticeship. The end date is when the end-point assessment is due to be completed.

Where this date has passed the employer should continue to employ the Apprentice, but this could be on a zero hours or part time contract to enable the Apprentice to complete the EPA.

Alternatively, this could be with a new employer but they would have a DAS account but they would not entitled to the new Apprentices incentive.


Peter Keating

Thank you Martin. I guess the best case scenario is that EPA is completed before they leave their current employer which looks likely. 

It is where they don't and have moved employer that you have clarified