Karen Polybank

ROATP - Off the Job Training Query


Does anyone know what this bullet point means or is it a typo

Chose the right time for off the job training - the apprentice must have had sufficient time to gain the right knowledge and skills before starting off the job training.

It doesn't make sense to me.  We have asked the question on the on-line form but haven't received a reply.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.


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Martin West

As OTJ training includes Knowledge, Skills and behaviours, training should be planned to be delivered so that it is relevant to the specific apprenticeship being delivered, some Standards have a sequency for the training required, you would not expect an Apprentice to undertake any activity prior to them undertaking training for it and it is this sequence should be set out in the training plan.



Karen Polybank

Thank you that makes sense.  It is obviously just worded incorrectly.