Rachel Jobes

Early EPA & Planned OTJT


We have a few learners who are nearly ready for their End Point Assessment we are discussing with them and their employers as much as they are fast approaching their 20% OTJT total I was wondering if because it is 20% of the duration and we end the learning early do we reduce the amount of OTJT that is required by that point?  Anyone got anything in the funding rules or the OTJT guidance that can help me with this in case it comes up again?


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Martin West

See the Flow chart on page 17 of the funding rules as you may need the employer to agree a summary statement.

Rachel Jobes

Thank you Martin

Kate Wynn

In this case, would we then also amend the planned OTJ hours in the ILR to the reduced number based on the shorter duration. Otherwise, the actual OTJ hours (even though they may have met or even exceeded the 20% requirement based on the actual duration) will never meet the original planned hours. I understand from the below spreadsheet that where an apprenticeship has completed early, the apprentice needs to have met 20% based on the actual duration rather than planned

Martin West

No it must the OTJ hrs as per the original Apprenticeship agreement and commitment statement.