Helen Bryant

DLOCK 07 query



We have a DLOCK 07 error appearing on our report where the ILR value is showing as £26000 but the apprenticeship service value is showing as £14757. The original total negotiated price was £26000 but there was a change of employer for this learner in April and a new total negotiated price of £14757 was agreed and entered in the ILR as TNP3 value £9357 & TNP4 value £5400. Can anyone offer an explanation of why the ILR value is still being returned as £26000 please in the report? Thanks



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Martin West

You will need to check your DAS training provider account, this should show the reason, either new employer not completed/Approved, or an outstanding change is waiting to be approved.

Helen Bryant

Thanks Martin. Our DAS training provider account shows that the previous employer has stopped the apprenticeship using April 21 as the stop date. The new employer record is showing as live but I guess there could be the issue that the new employer didn't approve the apprentice until after the ILR return. There isn't a facility on DAS to check when the approval was made so I don't know this for sure. I guess we'll have to wait until the R05 reports are available to check that the issue has been solved.