Steve Bowler

Apprentice above funding band due to previous enrolments?



             Last month we enrolled a new learner onto an Admin L3 Apprenticeship however the funding we are receiving is very low. The total negotiated cost is £4,500 (£500 below the funding band cap) so I was expecting her to be drawing down about £225 a month but it’s showing as £31.53 on the reports. The ‘price above funding band limit’ is showing as £3,869 and the ‘price amount remaining’ is £631 which suggests that we will only receive a total of £631 if this learner stays on programme and achieves? 

I have had a look at her record on LRS which suggests that she has already been on this Apprenticeship twice before with two to other providers and withdrawn both times (one of them was 3AAA). Am I right in thinking that we are only receiving £631 instead of £4,500 because of funding these other providers have received for this learner whilst doing the same standard with them? If so, how are we supposed to know this information prior to enrolling and processing this learner on the ILR? By the time this learner was uploaded and showing on the report, the total cost etc had already been agreed with the employer so it doesn’t seem right now to have to go back to them and ask for a payment of nearly £4k which will possibly result in the learner coming off of the Apprenticeship?

She withdrew from the other training providers over 2 years ago and works for a different employer now too so there's no way the current employer would know about anything that happened back in 18/19...

 Any advice would be greatly appreciated…




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Ruth Canham-James

In terms of what you can do for this one, not a lot, you just can't access more money if other providers have drawn some down for the same Standard. You could charge a midway figure, ask them to contribute a bit, and make a small loss if it's an employer you want to continue to work with. You'd think with that much funding already had, she'd have done nearly all the content, but since one of them was 3AAA, that could easily not be the case. EFSA's opinion on that is it's the employer's fault for not tracking progress, but as you say, it's a different employer now. If there were another Standard to put them on, you wouldn't get capped for that.

In terms of preventing it, you can ask all apprentices, before they sign up, if they've done any part of this before. If yes, don't enrol until you've checked the PLR. I think we always check PLRs in advance anyway, to check English and maths achievement. It wouldn't tell you exactly what funding is left, but you may be able to estimate a ball park figure.

Martin West

As you could see the previous learning from the LRS, this together with your initial assessment (taking into account prior learning) should have allowed you to roughly calculate the funding that had already been drawn down from the previous episodes. In addition, when the employer entered the negotiated price DAS would have informed them that this was over the CAP remaining and that they would have to contribute the difference.

Not a lot of help I know but the key is in the initial assessment.

Steve Bowler

Thank you both for your responses, I'm not aware that DAS would tell the employer about the learner exceeding the cap, surprised they wouldn't have queried this with us if they received that warning message.

I can see from LRS that she was on programme for 6 months with the first provider and 12 months with the second, but as that was back in 2018 and 2019 and the learner now works for a different employer, the initial assessment still highlighted significant gaps in her knowledge/skills/behaviour and so the Apprenticeship is still the best solution for her and the employer.

I'll see what information the Service Desk come back to me with but my gut feeling is that this learner will end up being withdrawn from the Apprenticeship :-(