Thahura Miah

Updated Commitment statement


Hi All, If a student has passed their planned end date but chosen to extend their programme, is an updated commitment statement still required?


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Martin West

Yes the training plan (CS) is a working document and must be kept up to date as required in the funding rules.

P64.2 The commitment statement must be kept up to date with any material changes (e.g. as a result of changes agreed at a progress review).


Ben James

If there are any material changes that've been agreed with the apprentice/employer then yes, an update to the commitment statement would definitely be required. The planned end date on the ILR should remain the same though;

This data should only be changed when it is identified as incorrect due to administrative errors. The Learning planned end date must not be changed to take into account a revised planned end date due to a change in circumstances such as illness, slow progress or unemployment.
If the planned end date is identified as being incorrect and the date prior to 1st August of the current year. This data error cannot be corrected. You will be required to acknowledge this administrative error in the learner evidence.