Livia Bushgjokaj

Loss of apprenticeship work / 20% OTJ



I was wondering if any other providers came to a problematic situation where a learner is the owner of the 20% OTJ document and therefore the evidence,  but have left the employment and therefore provider is now unable to retrieve the 20% OTJ evidence ? Does the provider have to pay all of the funding claimed back ?


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Kelly Knights

That would definitely be an issue in audit as they would question the controls you have in place.

What about workshop attendance can you evidence this?

I'm guessing you don't use an e-portfolio system?


Ruth Canham-James

ESFA will say you should have been keeping this evidence yourself (as a provider), it should never belong to a learner alone. If you don't get audited, you can keep it knowing you really did earn it, but if audited it would be clawed back.

Benjamin Cowdery

Hm. In my view the learner's OTJ "work" is the end product of the OTJ training delivery by the provider, so if you can clearly evidence the delivery (rather than the output) that should be sufficient. This may include a learner log of the time spent producing the work/output.

Kelly Knights

True Benjamin and although I dont know what the expected OTJ hours are for Livia's apprentice I believe just the training/workshop delivery hours are unlikely to be enough hours to cover the whole hours (in my experience.) Normally workshop delivery is backed up training the apprentice has completed at work and anything else falling under OTJ rules.

If they cant demonstrate the full hours then the learner cant go through Gateway - otherwise you will risk the funds being clawed back at audit