Ashley Goldman

Employer Incentive Payments




I don’t know if you can help?


One of our employers has been chasing their incentive payment for the last few months. There have been some technical issues  (ESFA side) which have prevented him from logging onto his DAS but he wasn’t able to resolve this until 01/12 which was the day after the last date he was able to apply (30/11). He has been asking for a few months why he hasn’t been paid his incentive payment and it seems this has been due to the logging in issues to his DAS that had been prevented him for being able to do this. He should have received the £1500 incentive payment in Oct.


He has been calling the helpdesk and has a couple of call reference numbers, but every time he has been put through to another dept the phone gets disconnected. I have tried to call the helpdesk a number of times on his behalf (have call reference no’s too) but this process for him and myself often takes upto an hour to get through and then gets us nowhere. Again, I called yesterday but was kept hanging and got nowhere as I was hanging on so long I was asked to leave a message.


This is causing him much stress as his business has been affected badly (due to Covid) and he was counting on the incentive payment to help pay the wages last month.


I wondered if there was a way we can escalate this further up the chain and help get this sorted for him? Is there another dept/person we call try and contact to help him with this as calling the Helpdesk is getting neither of us very far. 


Your help would be much appreciated


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Jean Parry

Hi Ashley,

I would contact my ESFA National Case Load Manager and ask for their help.  You should also have a Provider Manager who may also be able to help.  Not sure if the employer should have similar people to contact.