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FRM 27



Can anyone advise? An apprenticeship learner that enrolled in June 21 was also enrolled onto FS has provided an exemption for one of the FS aims after the hard close and has now been withdrawn so is now flagging up. Is there any way of correcting this now or will it just be taken back at the next R14 overclaim. The learner is still enrolled on the main ZPROG with a PED in the 21/22 year. Thankyou



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Hi Cheryl

Yes, but...

If you've been teaching the learner FS up to the point that they provided their proof, you can make their end date their last learning activity before they brought the certificate in, you don't have to take them back to start. Hopefully this was after 1 August, at which point there wouldn't be an issue with the funding received in 20/21.

Cheryl Hogger

Hi Steve,

Thats great. Really appreciate this. Have a lovely Christmas