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Apprentice completing all aims but not EPA


 An apprentice left there paid employment on 21 October (13 months after they started) planning to start another job straight away,but it fell through.We helped her achieve all standard aims by 19 November. Am I therefore right in thinking that this is all perfectly within the funding guidance as it is less than 30 days for the apprentice without employment.The apprentice is still awaiting EPA at present ?

If this is all fundable how would I code the ILR between 21 October and 19 November ?

Thanks in anticipation !



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Assuming they weren't made redundant, then I'm afraid you're stuffed and they need to be withdrawn. Can't be an apprentice without a job, the 30 days only applies to *gaps* in employment, not losing their job just before the end...

Chris Baker

Hi Steve 

Not good news,but thanks for the response