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Hi I have an apprentice that was made redundant and we have found a new employer within the 12 weeks. I am updating the ILR Learner Entry Tool as per the instructions "How to record changes to the apprenticeship" - I have added to the original Aim Type 1 new act from the date of new contract, added new TNP 3 & TNP 4 with the new negotiated prices and a new employment status but I am getting the following errors:-


The learning aim must not have more than one Apprenticeship contract type record at the same time
There must be an apprenticeship contract type for the full duration of the aim

Can anyone help me with this?


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So, I think you need to put an end date on the first ACT (ie when they were made redundant) to close it off.

If it was gap over 30 days, you'll need to add an unemployed EmpStat to cover the gap and then a new employed EmpStat when their new work started as well.

Julie Newman

Hi Steve Thanks all sorted now. Happy Christmas