Margaret Foster

Apps Period End Co Investment


Hi on attempting to reconcile R04 - it looks like some payments collected in previous funding years are not showing on this report - is anyone else experiencing this


Also, if you have a completion payment withheld due to not inputting or collecting the last co investment can this be collected and input and allow the completion payment to be made?


Thanks in advance


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Hi Margaret

Easy bit first: are the PMRs definitely in your ILR? Some systems struggle to bring in past year ones, I've found. Similarly, if there's been a break or a transfer it can get *very* messy on the Contributions report or if you haven't included the pre-break records in your ILR (which you're not *required* to do if they're in a previous year but, for stuff like this, makes it easier if you do, annoyingly).

Not heard of/noticed anything more widely though (which isn't to say it isn't happening, if you've checked everything else!)?

And, yes, if it's in year, you'll get the completion when you add the remaining PMR, so as long as you sort it by next October you'll be fine (this is said in the knowledge of how long it can take some employers to cough up)!

Margaret Foster

Thank you Steve, yes have checked PMR's do seem to be in the ILR - we use EBS - however not sure that they are pulling past years into this one - have looked at the record and it is ticked to include ILR - the PMR records are transferred into FY 28 - however this is something I will check further and more thoroughly - some have pulled through 

Thanks will make sure I get the outstanding co contribution


Yeah, if you've not got it set up *just so* in EBS (ie the way Tribal thinks is best), it can be somewhat of a pain...