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Employer changed name


Bit of a sense check.

We have an apprentice who's employer has changed their name quite significantly (i.e. 'Apples' to 'Oranges', rather than 'Apples' to 'Apples Inc.'). I presume this would just need to be recorded on the current agreement(s) rather than having to get new ones, as the apprentice isn't actually changing employer? Their status has not changed in terms of Levy funding and they operate from the same address.. they've literally just changed names. What would happen on DAS? Would the name on their employer account just automatically update?


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I guess? This makes it look pretty easy:

Make changes to your private limited company: Company name - GOV.UK (

Pay £30 and tell Companies House, which implies it would flow through from there to HMRC and from there to AS (no idea how long that might take though!)?

And, yes, just a note on the paperwork to explain would be sufficient, I'm sure.

They've definitely not created a new company and TUPE'd everyone across though? Cos that *is* a new employer...

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"They've definitely not created a new company and TUPE'd everyone across though? Cos that *is* a new employer..."

Steve.. why are you doing this to me on December 23rd? I want to accept our Apprenticeship Officer on their assurances.. but I now fear I am going to have to clarify absolutely. Thanks for the AS bit though, I kind of hoped it would. I'll just keep a keen eye on the payments! 


Oh no, I'm as bad as DfE! (lots of moaning on twitter about them sending a pile of guidance for schools out today)

I'd go for a quick check on Companies House, seems the easiest option?

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Honestly, how dare they actually provide guidance?! Clearly the Twitterati are all firm proponents of ignorance being bliss. But no, I jest, always appreciate being reminded of things I clearly overlooked. Companies House it is!