Sarah Wartnaby

Bank Staff rulings


Hi All, 

Is there any ruling to say that a learner who is on a "Bank Staff" contract is not eligible to complete a level 3 (+) apprenticeships? a colleague has indicated that for Level 3 and higher apprenticeships, they need to be on full time contracts/employment. So I am sense checking! as the funding rules do not indicate this a ruling. 

My understanding of Bank staff is that they are very much similar to Zero hour contracts and therefore we work off what hours the employer declares they will receive with regular checks on hours given and worked. Plus the checks in place to ensure the apprenticeship will be done within working hours with the employer commitment to delivery.

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Ruth Canham-James

I don't recall ever having read anything that said that. Also, the fact that they suggest it varies between Level 2 and Level 3 makes it not ring true. That sort of rule doesn't vary depending on level (maybe it did in the past). The rules clearly allow zero hours contracts, and specifies no exceptions, so I'd say it's fine.