Angela Baskerville

Transfer of Apprentices from Employer Provider


We have been approached by an Employer Provider who want to transfer their learners to us (training provider). When it comes to drawing down the remaining funding for these learners can we negotiate a new funding rate for each of the learners depending on their RPL or do we only receive the remaining funding that the Employer entered on the DAS which would have been cost based only in accordance with the employer provider rules?


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Ooh, that is a good question!

I'm honestly not sure if DAS sets the total funding available as the initial price entered or the funding band maximum...

I guess there are situations, eg where EPA cost isn't added at the beginning, where the initial price can be increased, which would lead me to believe that it only stops at the band max? In which case, you could set a price that would be greater than the initial funding remaining because you've got eligible costs that an employer provider wouldn't have included.

I think I'd still check with the DAS helpdesk first though!

Angela Baskerville

Thanks Steve I have emailed the DAS helpdesk and am awaiting a response.

Samantha Barker

We have exactly the same scenario, so i'd be interested in what they say, thanks :)

Ruth Canham-James

I'm pretty sure they only ever set the limit as the band maximum, not the original price, minus funds already drawn down. Since ESFA couldn't possibly know what it costs each employer provider, they couldn't do otherwise. I'd say you should be able to charge anything up to the band maximum minus what the first employer provider already had. I wouldn't go up to that much though, as that's clearly taking the mickey.


Sure, unless the learners were literally like two months in! From my work with employer-providers they don't tend to set prices *massively* below the max anyway (almost as though running Apprenticeships wasn't an easy way to make money!!!)... 

Angela Baskerville

Hi all 

Below is the response I got from the Apprenticeship service.  Looks like you can only claim the balance of what was originally entered by the employer at the beginning of the apprenticeship, which with employer providers would be cost based.

Dear Angela,

Thank you for contacting the Apprenticeship Service Support team, my name is Alex.

With regards to learners changing providers, funding would be based on the remaining balance from what was entered by the employer at the time of adding the learner record.

Ruth Canham-James

Honestly, I'm not sure I believe them. We get a lot of misinformation from the help desks. How could that possibly be a sensible way to arrange things? I say charge more, and see if it comes through or if you get capped, then you'll know for sure! You can always "correct" the price down later if needed.


Yeah, this was my first thought as well, can't see how it does what they say it does...

And, as Ruth says, if it caps out, you can always reduce it once you know.