Adam Kolaszynski

Can you re-submit an ILR?


Probably an obvious one but we've just sumbitted our RO5 return however we have noticed a minor error in the return after it was submitted. 

Can you simply re-submit the new correct ILR file via SLD or will this cause issues? 




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Philip Dawe

Hi Adam Kolaszynski,

You can submit as many ILRs as you need to on SLD until the period close.

You just need to be careful when uploading more than once as the last one that you submit will be the one they use :-)



Adam Kolaszynski

Hi Philip Dawe


Thank you very much! 

Ruth Canham-James

We always submit multiple ILRs to SLD each month. There are errors that show up in the SLD reports that don't show in the FIS, so you really should always assume you're going to do multiple returns on there. They don't use the submitted data until the window closes, so like Philip says, it's only the last one you submit they use.