Linda Theodoris

TNP records


Hi there

I have an apprentice where the  TNP 1 and 2 record were created but  the wrong amounts were entered so the total  was above the funding band so didn't match the AS - - the start date entered was 11/10/21 , we then created a 2nd  TNP 1 and TNP 2 records for the correct amount with the record start dates 15/10/21.  However we are still getting a data lock error as the TNP 1 and 2 being used to match against AS are  still the records with a start date 11/10/21 not the updated records

should we be using TNP 3 and 4 for the correct values ?

any advice appreciated 

Thank you




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Martin West

You only needed to update the original TNP amounts as the start date is within the current year.

Linda Theodoris

Thank you Martin i did refer to the Provider Support Manual but still wasn't clear , much appreciated.