Victoria Mansfield

Learning Support Funding - when & how to use it vs. EAS


Can I check whether Learning Support/EAS should be claimed based on when we pay for the support or based on when it is being used by the learner?

For example, where our assessment centre recommend the following package of support for a learner:

  • purchase of a laptop & software
  • associated warranties
  • training on using the software that will take place over 2 months
  • ongoing study support sessions over the course of the learning aim

and our supplier(s) for the above need payment for the whole lot up front; do we claim:

  • £150 per month from learning support until it's all paid for (this would be nice and simple so I'm assuming it won't be this!) 


  • £150 via Learning Support plus an EAS claim for the rest of the costs - all in the first month


  • £150 via Learning Support in the first month plus an EAS claim for the rest of the cost of the laptop & software and one month's worth of the training costs
  • £150 via Learning Support in the second month plus an EAS claim for any training costs above that for month two
  • £150 via Learning Support to cover the ongoing training costs - until they are all paid for, at which point no more claims are made even if the learner is still using the support?

Also, I'm assuming that we can't claim for warranties on the equipment - is that right? 

Any advice would be much appreciated :)


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Gill Knight

We claimed for the equipment, specialised software and training once the assessment had been completed and we had the recommendations. This was not in month 1 of the course as it took some time for the assessment recommendations to be agreed. 

We also claim for £175 support costs monthly which is covered by the £150 and EAS of £25. This is only claimed on the months that it is used i.e. in this instance when they are on campus

Laura Giles

I would do it via your first option, £150 until it's paid for, and if it isn't covered by the number of months attended pay for the additional via EAS.