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Hi All,

I was hoping one of you good and great souls would have some advice for the following conundrum.

We recently had a problem with a new cohort of apprentices being added with their entire training and EPA fee added as one under TNP1. As soon as I noticed I added a new TNP2 and split the value as it should be, reducing TNP1 down. This seems to have resulted in each of the new apprentice records returning a DLOCK07 error. 

I think I'm right in thinking I need to add a new TNP1 and TNP2, but I'm not sure what dates to put for these - can the be the same as the original ones?

I hope that makes sense.


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Hi Nicholas

Yup, that's exactly what's happened. I ***think*** you need to make the new TNPs at least the next day?

Assuming they've started since 1 August, that should be fine. There was concern at one point about adding TNPs that would go into previous academic/funding years, not sure if it was ever proved to be an issue (usually advise to use 1 Aug for the new TNPs in that scenario, just in case).

Nicholas Catterall

Brilliant, thank you very much for your help. 

Gill Knight


I believe you need to leave the original TNP1 and then add a new one for the day after. 

So if you had £15000 originally in TNP1 on 01/10/21 then you add £12000 as 02/10/21 for training and the £3000 for assessment 



Yes, exactly that Gill, apologies if I wasn't clear!

Martin West

The dates for the TNP 1 and 2 should be the start date if in the current funding year as you are only amending the input error on the TNP 1 and adding the correct record for the TNP 2.

Nicholas Catterall

Thank you everyone for your excellent advice. 

I have one more question, if you don't mind.

I have realised that a couple of the records altered are older, and go back to 2019. The issue is the same - the TNP1 was incorrect and needed to be reduced down and TNP2 added. I made the mistake of not adding new TNP1 and TNP2 and got the DLOCK07 error. I'm fixing this now with new TNP1 and TNP2 records. However, because they're so old, should I use today's date for these new TNPs?

Thank you


Martin West

Where a learner started in a previous funding year then any amendment to TNP amounts must have dates in the current funding year, see example

Original TNP 1 01/05/2020 £1600

EPA costs now known you add

TNP 1 01/08/2021 £1400

TNP 2 01/08/2021 £200


Nicholas Catterall

Brilliant, thank you. That's the last couple cleared up.