Ben James

Employer not stopping learner on DAS


What have people done when they've not been able to reach an Employer to get them to stop a learner on DAS? We need to process a change of employer but despite our best efforts we're simply unable to reach anyone at the apprentice's former employer to get them to take action. It surely must be possible for the ESFA to do this from their end, but weirdly this is the first time we've ever come across this kind of issue! 


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We have had this a few times, if you contact the apprenticeship service helpdesk they will attempt to contact the employer themselves to stop the record up to 3 times. If the employer still doesn't stop the record after a period of time (I think it is 4 weeks), the helpdesk will apply the stop date themselves, they will not do it until they have contacted the employer first though.

Ben James

Aah perfect, thanks Chloe! It's weird that in 4 years we've never actually had an Employer do this, but there's a first time for everything I guess.

Ruth Canham-James

That's good to know Chloe! We've not had much help from them in this scenario. I think the times we had this issue, we did eventually get the employer to sort it before it got that far.

Steve C

Had the following comments from the ESFA:

I believe you are getting an overlapping training date error as a previous employer has not stopped their record the process has now changed and I can advise on the following guidance.

The training provider is able to raise an overlapping training date request from within the ‘add details’ journey, if the previous apprenticeship is Active (Live, Waiting to start or Paused) and needs to be stopped.

Does anyone have this option on their account?  If so where?


Roz Goodall

Hi Steve - it sounds like they are telling you to add a new funding record for the apprentice in order to use the "send a stop request to the previous employer" function. It pops up automatically when you add a new apprentice and the system finds overlapping dates on a live funding record - normally after a warning message that asks if you are sure you've put the correct details in.