Dean Cox

Apprenticeship Service Stopped Early for Change in Employer



We have a learner who is changing employers, but the existing employer has stopped the Apprenticeship Service a month early. This means once the new employer is set up there would be a month gap (despite there being less than 30 days between employment as per ESFA rules). We are assuming this will create some form of error/datalock on the ILR/DAS. Is there a way around this? Will we need to get the existing employer to set up again for the missing month? Can we set the new employer up and just not be paid for the month gap? First time this has happened, and really unsure, and also difficult as employer actions are beyond our control.



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Martin West

This is the guidance:

If the original employer does not want to move the stop date, the training provider will need to record the change of employer as a withdrawal from the date they left the original employer  and then a restart with the new employer.

Stop dates to use following a change of employer where the gap in employment is 30 days or less – Apprenticeship Service Support (