Linnea Clarke

Apprentice with EHCP



We have a potential apprentice enrolling with us who has an EHCP. The Local Authority has asked us if we can send over costings so that we can claim Element 3 funding. Is this possible for an apprentice? 

Where can we find more info on Element 1 & 2 funding in general especially for 16-19 funding? 


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Hi Linnea

No, not quite. There's actually no cost to the LA for an App with an EHCP, it's all clamed from ESFA, via the £150 a month through the ILR and then the rest (and I'm guessing there might be quite a lot more!) via the EAS, even where it goes past £6k (which is when an LA would start contributing for a Study Prog learner).

Elements 1, 2 & 3 are explicitly Study Programme concepts:

  • Element 1 is the on-programme funding that every learner gets
  • Element 2 is the first £6k of additional support that is met by ESFA
  • Element 3 is the rest of the additional support funding required by a learner, up to £19k in total, that is met by the Local Authority

(for learners who need more than £19k of funding in a year, ESFA meets the rest of the costs over £19k)

Linnea Clarke

Hello Steve

Thank you for your reply, this is really helpful. 

For study programme learners we have a few where we are named as the 'EHCP owner' and a few where we are not the 'owner' - should we be returning these through the ILR regardless on whether we own the EHCP or not? 

If we should, is it funding model 25 or 82? Source of funding I am assuming 107? and we would populate planned learning hours? Sorry lots of questions, it's all quite new to us. 

Do we also need to be a SPI or can we go ahead and return on the ILR without being an SPI?