Aaron Macadam

3 Years Residency (UK resident with time in Aus)



Residency Question and not sure on the rules. Candidate is a UK citizen with UK passport but spent time in Australia (March 2020 - 21). As this is time out of the UK prior to enrolment and within the 3 years - would this be okay to continue for funding? This was a temporary visit to Australia and the candidates family etc were still in UK whilst they were abroad.

Thanks for your help anyone who has time!


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Martin West

Temporary time outside of the UK under this rule is ignored, visits, holidays, or secondment.

Aaron Macadam

Thanks for that Martin, we assumed so but thought to double check

Kelly Knights

Hi Aaron,


How long were they away for?

Holidays are okay but if there's a chance they went there to work  than in my opinion that is possibly where you might find a problem. K