Kay Mellanby

DAS/ILR Mis Matches - going round in circles


Can anyone please help with how I can resolve this issue?

I have an employer who didn't add the apprentice to DAS until Jan 2021 yet the apprentice start date is actually Oct 2020.

DAS would not allow the employer to back date the start date, consequently the start date on the ILR (Oct 2020) does not match DAS and is causing a mis match and therefore we have received no funding.

I have contacted the help desk on numerous occasions but still have no resolution.

If I change the start date in the ILR to match DAS (Jan 2021) would this resolve it and therefore release the funding?

Any advice/thoughts greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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Martin West

Change the ILR start date to match DAS this will resolve the issue but you will lose the funding prior to the start date.

Kay Mellanby

Thanks Martin, I will try this.

Ruth Canham-James

You wouldn't lose any funding overall. If you keep the same Planned End Date, you'll just get the same divided by fewer months.

Remember though, that if your ILR start date is Jan 2021, all OTJ they did before that date is inadmissible to meet the 20% requirement, because they weren't technically an apprentice before that date.

Also, make sure you haven't dropped below 12 months duration with the start date change. You're basically stating that the apprentice didn't really start until January, so all your paperwork, learning agreements etc need to say Jan 2021 start.

I assume this was non-levy and a reservation? Levy payers can back date their DAS records no problem. This is why you need to be really careful reservations are done in time. We had an employer who didn't do a reservation in time, then didn't want to extend the employment contract of the apprentices to cover the 12 months required from the DAS start date. We had to insist, or they couldn't be apprentices.