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I am trying to access information on the above FRM.  I have not been able to find any guidance regarding FRM37 and what the data report looks at.  Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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Martin West

FRM37 – Apprenticeship off-the-job training hours below the minimum

Changes from previous funding year

Previously an internal report. Now also reports programmes where actual off-the-job training hours are below the 20% minimum.

Funding streams reviewed

Apprenticeships from May 2017

Relevant guidance

To be eligible for government funding at least 20% of the apprentice’s normal working hours, over the planned duration of the apprenticeship practical period, must be spent on off-the-job training.

If the apprentice works less than 30 hours per week, they are considered to be part-time, and you must extend the duration.

English and maths training, up to and including level 2, does not count towards the minimum 20% off-the-job training requirement; where required this must be delivered in addition to the minimum requirement.

What you need to do (ILR providers)

Review evidence, correct as necessary.

What we will do (ILR providers)

Request evidence, determine action.

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For reference, that info comes from here;


The "guidance" on VYED is still "Monitoring post-16 funding for 2020 to 2021: reports user guide". They should either update that to 21/22 or remove it altogether, or a link to the page above would be ideal.

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Thank you all very much for this information.  Can I ask is there a calculation that returns the Planned Off the Job Learning Hours depending on the length of program :-)


Martin West

See guidance @: Apprenticeships: off-the-job training - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


Martin West


Planned hours: field


For apprenticeships this field collects the Planned off-the-job training hours (as defined in the funding rules) that will be delivered to the individual apprentice over the full apprenticeship (excluding the end-point assessment period) by the training provider, sub-contracted training providers and the employer. 

For T Levels this field collects planned hours at programme aim level for qualification hours only.