Simon Liversedge

Updated paperwork


Where we have identified a change is needed on an apprentices commitment statement and apprenticeship agreement, do we need to update the original document or would it suffice to have a discussion with the learner documented and uploaded to confirm the changes?

We use an Eportfolio system that creates documents but the way the system is designed it is not always possible to update the original electronic document. I would like to avoid having to recreate the whole document in docusign and send out if possible and would prefer to just explain the individual change. 

Thoughts would be much appreciated


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Melanie Aspinall


It says in the funding rules that the commitment statement must be kept up to date with any material
changes (e.g. as a result of changes agreed at a progress review).  I don't think a documented discussion would suffice at audit. 

Martin West

You can use any documentation for recording changes to the commitment statement but these would need to be approved, agreed and available by the Employer and Apprentice.

Simon Liversedge

Thank you both, 

Different thoughts which is the problem I have, sometimes wish we could just speak directly to an auditor!

I was leaning towards your thinking Martin and would make sure a discussion was agreed with both learner and employer and then a copy of this uploaded to the eportfolio so it was available to all. As we can't change the original actual electronic document I can't see any other option but always interested to hear peoples thoughts. 

Many thanks

Kelly Knights

Could you print off the original as a PDF and update or update with the changes via something like DocuSign?

Simon Liversedge

We could Kelly but its a lot more work having to download PDFs, try and edit and then send out docusigns so was hoping to avoid that if possible. As long as we have discussed the changes and recorded and made available I am hoping this will suffice. There is a webinar next week with the auditors through AELP so will ask the question. 

Martin West

You could have a simple change record that you reissue after any change is agreed.

Simon Liversedge

Love that suggestion, thank you Martin!

Margaret Foster

Hi was just looking through and we have actually just done this, we use DocuSign for all paperwork therefore hard to amend as date stamped etc we designed an update sheet agreed with the employer and learner and again used docusign for the update - but will in future use Martin's suggestion - much clearer and cleaner audit trail