Sabrina Dewhurst

Change of employer


Can anyone give any advise on how you would record this in the ILR:

An apprentice has changed employer in May 2021 only notified in Nov 2021 - health and safety and paperwork has been completed in November but the learners planned end date is September 2021.

Learner is expected to be at gateway in Feb.

My solution would be to:

I think though - put him on a break in learning back to may (he obviously hasn’t been seen by an assessor) as this doesn’t create FRM now according to the data service and then restart him with Nov dates with feb expected end?

What are your thoughts?


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Ruth Canham-James

It can't be a BIL as it wasn't agreed with the apprentice and employer. I'd just code it as a regular Withdrawal in May 2021, and create a new restart record (without original start date, but still with the restart indicator), from whenever you think they actually started in earnest again. The new duration can be less than a year if it's a restart. Otherwise treat it as brand new, with new planned OTJ, new price etc, as if you were inheriting from another provider.