Lisa Margach

Behaviours within the standard.


Hi All,

Would anyone be able to share with me their views on how you establish the learners starting point with reference to specifically the behaviours within the standard.

The documents we currently use for RPL/RPA identifies and measures the skills and knowledge of a learner but the behaviours section is a little more difficult, as they don’t undertake specific training that teaches the set behaviours – this is demonstrated during the apprenticeship programme making their starting point more difficult to ascertain.

The guidance states that reductions should be made for all RPL across knowledge, skills and behaviours, therefore I am also curious to understand what criteria/indicators you would use as a trigger for a reduction within the “behaviours” element of an apprenticeship.




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Martin West

You should include in RPL/RPA (Assessment) the behaviours that relate to the Standard in the same way as you would do for the Skills and knowledge elements.



Agree with Martin, but as I've said before (and I think you sort of get to in your question), it's highly unusual to teach behaviours separately from Knowledge and Skills.

So, here's an example:

Your Standard has a behaviour of "Working well in a team". When you do your skillscan, a learner says "I am amazing at team work, I've always worked in teams, 5/5". HOWEVER, when it comes to you reducing the price, all of your development of team work is via projects that also include teaching Skills and Knowledge which the learner DOES need, so they still have to attend those sessions for that element, so there is no need for a reduction in the Total Negotiated Price for this thing that the learner is already competent in because there's no discrete sessions that they are missing.

Lisa Margach

Thanks for the reply Steve, you’ve obviously encountered the issues that we are experiencing.  In your view would this be acceptable at audit if our policy confirms that we would not reduce funding in relation to initial assessment of behaviours because all training/development of behaviours is naturally part of development of knowledge and skills elements?


In my opinion (I Am Not An Auditor) (Neither Am I A Teacher), I'd be a little more explicit about which behaviours are developed in which bits, I'm a bit worried about assuming they develop "naturally". I assume that most Standards would test the behaviours at EPA, so you must be confident learners are competent before sending them to gateway. If you have a way of measuring that confidence then that should tell you where those behaviours are being developed (cripes, I'm tying myself in knots here!)?

Also, I think if someone was *really* hot on *all* the behaviours, I'd be thinking about if it was the right Standard for them (or do they maybe need a higher level?)?