Sarah Potts

Data lock 07 issue




Wondering if anyone can offer some advice. We have an ILR data mismatch showing as Data Lock o7 the issue must link to how we have recorded the TNP. When we have added on cost of EPA on the ILR the DAS is advising its a change in price and date and asking us to get employers to approve the change and match data to the ILR submission or leave as is. 


On our MIS we have recorded TNP Total Assessment Price and then TNP Total Training Price are these fields correct its looks like the fields are being combined in the ILR which is showing as a price increase on the DAS against the learner ??


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Hi Sarah

You need to add AN EXTRA TNP1 when you do this, not just overwrite the original one (which I'd imagine is what has caused the DLOCK07).

So the new records should look like:

TNP1 7000 [start date of App]

TNP1 6000 [today]

TNP2 1000 [today]

(or whatever the prices are, obviously)

Alison Milton

The apprenticeship service have an DLock_07 issue with the system currently I raised this with them which they then confirmed issue with the system and then send details of 17 learners to them last week and they are investigating the cause