Chris Baker

Apprentice Changes Employer after end of practical period



We have an apprentice who completed his practical period of apprenticeship,passed all standard aims and is awaiting EPA.

He has left his apprenticeship employer to go to another employer within 30 day of leaving that first employer.However he has only just advised us,some 60 days after.Can we still get new employer to pick up the Non-Levy funding remaining or are we stuck and have to withdraw him and class him as a restart to get him completed ? 

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Ben James

As the actual gap in employment is <30 days you shouldn't need to withdraw/restart him. Obviously we want apprentices to inform us as soon as humanly possible so as not to cause overpayments from the wrong DAS accounts (amongst other things) but providing it all occurs within the same contract year, everything should reconcile even if it takes them 150 days to tell us. 

P342 The original employer must stop payments through their apprenticeship service account, using a stop date that corresponds with the date the apprentice changed employer. This includes where the apprenticeship is funded by a transfer. They can also stop co-investment, as appropriate.
P343 The new employer and main provider must:
P343.1 agree a price for the remainder of the apprenticeship training and assessment taking into account relevant learning from the first employer. This price must be recorded in the ILR as a 'residual' price;
P343.2 register the apprentice on the apprenticeship service, if appropriate, for funding to start;
P343.3 confirm arrangements for, and start paying, co-investment if appropriate; and
P343.4 contact us if they are unable to register the apprentice on the apprenticeship service.
P343.5 if the apprenticeship is now being funded by a transfer, or continuing to be funded by a transfer, then the receiving (new) employer will need to register on the apprenticeship service and the transfer will need to be agreed by the sending employer. For more information on how transfers work, please refer to the ‘Apprenticeships funded by transfer of levy funds’ section within the Employer or Employer-Provider Funding Rules (whichever is relevant).
P343.6 If funded via reserved funds you must contact the apprenticeship service support desk.
P344 The main provider must not draw down funds in an employer’s apprenticeship service account or government co investment for delivery which the ESFA has already paid for with the first employer.