Ceri Foster

Levy Payers - Co-Investment


Is there a report which shows if a levy payer has run out of funds and needs to make a co-investment payment? I thought at one point it was either on the FRM or the PDSATS but can't find it


Many Thanks



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Hi Ceri

It's the Contributions report that comes in the Period End reports.

Ruth Canham-James

The co-investment contributions report takes a lot of work to extract what is needed. It doesn't indicate the funding type (levy or non-levy), so picking out which employers just owe us the 5% (which we track elsewhere already), and which have insufficient funds, is challenging. There are rows for apprenticeships that aren't even in 21/22 (it happens if that student is now on another apprenticeship), which is absurd. Sometimes it displays that there were no payments in a previous year, when there definitely were. I've reported all this to ESFA for the last couple of years.

I only do it once a quarter because it takes me the best part of a day to unpick. If you're confident all your insufficient funds were dealt with in previous years, you can actually use the Apps Monthly Payment Report to see it more simply for current year payments. Just filter on the Funding Line Type for the levy ones, and if there is any positive value in the second column for any month (co-investment payments), then that is a levy payer who had insufficient funds (or where you charged above band maximum). It doesn't then show if it was paid though, but you could use that data to populate your own list.

Margaret Foster

Hi - I was having the same problem with previous years collections not showing in the report - we use EBS and Steve H asked me to check that the PMR payment records had been rolled forward - they hadn't - therefore this is now correct - this is only for the payments in previous years