Ray Davies

R90 Error at Gateway


We are coding learners entering gateway as 1 continuing, 8 learning activities complete and learnActEndDate as the gateway date.

“ACT TO” (FAMTypeACT) is not completed neither is AchDate as we are in gateway not EPA .

However this produces the R90 “The Learning actual end date of the component aims must be returned for this programme” error and funding is clawed back, what are we doing wrong ?


Thanks in advance




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Ruth Canham-James

I guess you must have some component aims that are still Continuing? You can't do that. If any of your components were non-mandatory, and are Continuing past gateway, you have to code them as unfunded and not apprenticeship components, to avoid this error. We fell foul of that one as we'd just coded everything that we consider part of the apprenticeship, as apprenticeship. We now only code the mandatory aims as components.

If this was your issue, and the non-mandatory aims started in a previous year, record the aim as if it never started (but make sure it's still in the ILR with same start and end date), then create an almost identical enrolment, but unfunded, not a component, no standard code, and a start date a day later. That can then carry on for as long as you like.

Ray Davies

We only have the program and another line for the Z content (Z0001926). We have tried coding the Z content with 1 & 8 but that errors as it is not appropriate to a non program. If we complete the Z content line leaving the program "hanging" then that errors as we have a program without a Z content. Whichever approach we take seems to produce an error !

Ruth Canham-James

Just close the Z00 code as 2/8, that should be fine. That won't leave the programme aim with no components. It's always possible to have an open programme aim with no open components, there just has to be a component. What error do you get if you close the component as 2/8?