Peter Keating

2020/21 Break In Learning learners Withdrawal reported in R04


Can someone please advise in which year these Apprenticeships should be reported in.

We have some Apprentices that were on Break In Learning in 2020/21 and we were advised that they weren't going to be coming back so a request was put in to Withdraw the learners at the point they went on Break In Learning. However this was not actioned before the Final return of 2020/21 and therefore missed the R14. The Withdrawal was therefore actioned in the 2021/22 data before the R04 return.

We use ProAchieve for QARs and it is showing these learners counting towards our 2021/22 figures! A late actioned Break In Learning that was done in R04 data is now not showing in 2021/22 data so find it odd that the same has not happened with Withdrawals. Is this correct or has the R04 update not been applied correctly? These learners planned end date and actual end date fall in 2020/21 so would expect them to count in 2020/21 and not 2021/22. 

With the QARs being provisionally published on Monday 17 January 2022 want to know if we need to put in adjustment request if this also shows the same.




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Melanie Aspinall

Is it because the reporting year is 21/22? As per:


21 The overall QAR, pass rate and retention rate calculations use the hybrid endyear of the learning aim. The hybrid end year is the later of the:

a achievement year (for apprenticeship standards on funding model 36 only)
b planned end year of the learning aim
c actual end year of the learning aim
d reporting year

Peter Keating

Hi Melanie. 

We were under the impression that by ensuring they were put in the R04 that "d reporting year" would not happen hence the question

Many thanks