Laura Giles

Break In Learning Funding


We have a couple learners on our R04 who were Break in Learning restarts. However, since adding their achievements the learners now show as errors as the learning aim is no longer funded (while it was for their original course dates). There was some confusion here around this, as the funding rules say the learners would have the same eligibility as when they first started.

Is that right that we shouldn't receive funding for the re-starts?

And if not, how do I close them if they now error!?


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Philip Dawe

Hi Laura Giles,

From the Provider support manual: Provider support manual: Recording breaks in learning, transfers and restarts (

If the learning aim that the learner was following is no longer available when they return (in other words, the certification date has passed), then you cannot class this as a break in learning. This limits the length of time that a learner can have as a break in learning.

Unfortunately I think that this means you will lose both funding and success rate credit.



Jess Reading

Have you recorded the Original Start Date and Restart Indicator on the restart enrolments? That could clear your error if they are not already populated.

Laura Giles

Phil, thanks that is rather clear. A missed end date on our part. 

Jess, I did have a look for that, thank you. Oddly, when the restart was taken off the funding error was generated prior to the achievement being added. But with the restart added, the funding error doesn't generate until the achievement is added.