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Polish Degree 2007



We have had a polish management degree submitted as prior quals for someone keen to do a L5 Org/Dept manager. Could anyone advise on RPL. The qual was done in 2007 and the skills can that has been completed shows that support is needed. Are we able to use the 2007 units if suitable for RPL 




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In a sense, I'd almost be more interested in how much management they've done in the 15 years since they finished their degree...

I think you can probably still start with a skillscan, rather than trying to map the qual the learner has to the Standard? Unless they've been out of the workplace for a chunk of it, I'd expect them to be competent in (quite?) a few of the KSBs? And then you have to decide whether there's still enough to teach for 12 months...

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The guidance on this is contained in the funding rules.

P71 We will fund an apprentice to undertake an apprenticeship at a higher level than a qualification they already hold, including a previous apprenticeship.

P72 We will fund an apprentice to undertake an apprenticeship at the same or lower level than a qualification they already hold, if the apprenticeship will allow the individual to acquire substantive new skills and you can show that the content of the training is materially different from any prior qualification or a previous apprenticeship. More information is detailed in paragraph P368.3.

P368.3 Your assessment and evidence of eligibility for funding and a record of what evidence the apprentice has provided, including that the apprenticeship leads to substantive new skills and that the learning is materially different where the apprenticeship is at the same level as, or lower level than, prior qualifications. This assessment must include an analysis of the apprentice’s existing knowledge, skills and behaviours versus those required to complete the apprenticeship. This also includes evidence of prior attainment for English and maths. This evidence could include the following:

P368.3.1 information from the apprentice’s personal learning record, where this information is unavailable or an apprentice is unable to provide evidence of prior attainment please refer to get a replacement exam certificate on GOV.UK;

P368.3.2 evidence of proof of equivalency from UK ENIC where an individual has an international qualification;

P368.3.3 details of previous qualifications, including modules / units undertaken compared to the content of the apprenticeship, demonstrating how they are materially different where appropriate;

P368.3.4 skills gap analysis, demonstrating the new skills needed by the individual and how the apprenticeship will address these; or

P368.3.5 details of any relevant experience and achievements, both inside and outside their current working role.

As Steve has said the teaching content must meet the minimum duration to be eligible for funding.

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Thankyou both for all of the information. Its very helpful