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16 to 19 allocations 22/23


HI just trying to get my head around allocations - we are an independent training provider (guidance below).  It says that there are 3 options - does anyone know how they decide which option to use for individual providers?  They used Option 2 for us last year - does this mean they will always use this option every year?

And for Option 2 - once they have calculated the numbers (using the ratio method) it says they compare it with 2 figures from R06 - is it that they take the highest value of the 3?]

Many Thanks in advance



Independent learning providers

  • depending on the profile of recruitment for the individual provider, we will either use 1) a twelve month rolling figure for February 2021 to January 2022 based on R14 (2020 to 2021) and R06 (2021 to 2022) data, 2) the same approach as set out above for FE colleges, or 3) the average of approaches 1) and 2)

FE colleges, some other FE or higher education institutions

  • we take the number of eligible students with a reference date of 1 November 2021 based on R04 (2021 to 2022). We multiply this by the ratio of 1 November to all-year student numbers based on R04 (2020 to 2021) and the R14 return for that year. We compare this figure with the student numbers calculated from R06 (2021 to 2022), both the year-to-date (as at 1 February) figure and the number recruited by 1 November



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Hi Colette

In my experience, unless you've massively changed your recruitment patterns, they'll stick to the R04/R14 ratio, so if that's what they did last year, they'll probably continue to use that one.

Colette Cook

Thanks Steve - what is the compare section about  - we compare this figure with the student numbers calculated from R06 (2021 to 2022).

So if the learner number at R06 2122 is higher than the ratio figure will they use the R06 figure?


I *think* it's more likely that they check the R06 to make sure you haven't withdrawn a whole bunch of people to before 42 days between R04 and R06!!! Providers have tried a *lot* of dodgy things over the years!

The default is definitely "most providers recruit most of their learners before 1 Nov", so you'd have to have a very different pattern of recruitment to not be on the normal ratio. I can't remember where I've got this from, so it might not be true, but I'm sure I've heard that your R04/R14 ratio would have to be over 2 for them to look at doing it a different way. We take on a lot of learners after 1 Nov but ours only comes in at 1.6/1.7 and we're on the trad ratio.