Sue Scott

End Dates



Can I just confirm I am using the correct end dates for learners on standards (We use Maytas)

Example dates:

Gateway -  11/11/2021

Passed EPA - 15/01/2022

Main Component aim: Actual End date 11/11/2021

Programme Aim:         Actual End date 11/11/2021    POT termination Date 15/01/2022 (Acievement date 15/01/2022)

Thank You



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Kelly Knights

based on the funding guidance I believe actual end date should be last day of learning rather than Gateway date. Achievement date is EPA date

Sue Scott

Hi Kelly, 

Thank you for your response but it was more the  Actual End date, POT termination Date and Achievement date I was querying.



Ben James

The POT termination date should be the same as the Actual End Date, otherwise the Actual End Date will default to whatever you have entered in the Achievement Date within the ILR export, so it should be;

  • Actual End Date - 11/11/2021
  • POT termination date - 11/11/2021
  • Achievement date - 15/01/2022


Sue Scott

Thanks Ben,

Thank you for confirming