Nadine Baister

Changes to EPA Assessment Plans




We have some HDAs which have recently changed over to a new ‘fully integrated’ End Point Assessment Plan.  This has meant we’ve had to re-cost our End Point Assessment price and we are now the End Point Assessment Organisation for these standards.


Here’s an example;


  • Sept 21 – we recruited 10 Diagnostic Radiography apprentices. The End Point Assessment cost was around £1,300.
  • In Nov 21, the Assessment Plan changed to fully integrated, whereby the universities award board becomes the End Point Assessment. This has reduced the End Point Assessment costs significantly.
  • Apprentices who commenced in Sept 21 must now undergo the new version of the Assessment Plan.


My question is, do we need to re-do all the compliance paperwork (financial schedule, funding and delivery contracts with employers, DAS accounts, ILR End Point Assessment price & End Point Assessment Organisation name etc.)?


As a ballpark – these Assessment Plan changes are going to effect around 300 learners – so that’s a lot for us to have to go back on and amend.


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Martin West

In short yes where you have updated the version of the standard you need to reflect any changes in paperwork, ILR and the employer will need to update their DAS account.