Rupal Mehta

change of employer from Non-levy to Levy


Dear experts, I have an apprentice who was employed with non-levy employer and had reserved funding on DAS account. However, the apprentice has changed the employer to LEVY employer now. Due to LEVY IT employer, it took longer than expected to convince and allow the apprentice to continue on the apprenticeship program. Meanwhile, the learner continued to attend the training sessions and uploaded pieces of evidence on the e-portfolio. 

As it took over 120 days, how should I report on the change of employer on ILR? Simply change of employer or do I have to withdraw the learner and re-start with another employer? The learner has never stopped on learning

Is there any particular guidance in this regard/scenario?



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Martin West

An Apprentice must remain as always employed under an apprenticeship agreement, you should withdraw the apprentice from the date they ceased employment with the first employer and restart them from the date they started with the second employer as per the start date for the practical period on the apprenticeship agreement.