Andrea Scotti

Original Start Date field in ILR


If an apprentice transfers from one provider to another and is doing exactly the same Standard - do you have to put the original start date with the 1st provider in the ILR?  Just wondering, because if you don't have to do that then it could look like the apprentice hasn't met the minimum duration requirment - or do you just hold on their file the evidence of the previous provider and when they started with them and left them e.g. a PLR record  MTIA 


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Ben James

It depends if the transfer is as a result of a merger/takeover. Provider support manual: Recording breaks in learning, transfers and restarts (

Scenario 2: Learner is continuing the same learning aims with a different provider.

Fields and values:
  • Learning start date is the date on which the learner restarts the learning aim (or date of merger or take-over, if applicable)
  • Original learning start date (from August 2013) data is returned if known for mergers or take-overs
  • Learning planned end date is the new planned end date for the learning aim
  • Funding adjustment for prior learning is the proportion of the learning aim still to be delivered (non-programme aims only)
  • Restart indicator (Learning Delivery FAM) use code RES1
  • National Learner Monitoring (Learner FAM) use code NLM17 or NLM18 (if applicable)