Richard Holmden

Apprenticeship service provider rating



I recently spoke to one of our apprenticeship employers who have expressed an interest in giving us feedback for find apprenticeship training. Does anyone happen to know where they go to do this? I believe it is via the apprenticeship service but can't for the life of my find where (we also employ an apprentice so I see both sides of the fence). I have tried to find guidance without any luck.



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Ben James

The last thing I saw published on this was quite a few years ago so would be interested to hear if others are aware that it's changed, but essentially employers are (or were) sent email invitations from the ESFA to provide feedback on their training provider(s) rather than it being a section on their individual DAS accounts where they could go in and review every provider they work with. 


Richard Holmden

Thanks for your reply Ben. I would assume that email would go to the individual who manages the apprenticeship service in that case, would that be your understanding? And presumably after each cohort is agreed?

Ben James

Yeah I'd assume the same; depending on how you've got your hierarchy set up. Regarding the frequency though I couldn't say, but I'd assume it would be once a learner/cohort of learners had completed as that would be when an employer could provide feedback on the entire process? The only 'guidance' I can locate is this - New feedback feature for the apprenticeship service - ESFA Digital (