Wayne Hosking

Repeating a mandatory qualification that has expired


Hi All,

  Just got an odd scenario as a few of our apprenticeships require the Emergency First Aid L3 qualification as part of the mandatory qualifications for that specific standard.

The learner had completed the qualification whilst on the Level 2 apprenticeship but by the planned end date of the Level 3 the qualification would have expired (3 year expiry) and thus they would need to retake as a refresher.

Question: Would we reduce the TNP and remove the Emergency First Aid from the OTJ plan or the fact it needs to be refreshed include it?


My gut instinct is to remove funding and OTJ hours as its likely to come up on the F&M reports as repeated aim.





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Helen Cuthbert

Would the refresher not cost less to do? and so that in itself will should that prior learning has been accounted.  Equally there isn't much you can do if it has an expiry and they need it for gateway its still and aim and there is still an element of learning to do.