Clare Hancock

Maths Condition of Funding - part time student


Good Afternoon.  

We have a part time learner (total planned hours 352hrs), with a GCSE Maths grade 3, currently enrolled onto GCSE Maths from January 22 - June 22.  They are not capable of achieving this aim.  Tutors want to transfer the learner to Functional Skills Maths Level 1 instead.  

Am I right in saying that as she is a part time learner (based on planned hours), we can follow this from the English & Maths COF guidance? 

Thanks very much 


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Ruth Canham-James

The table under the heading "What students can and must study" backs that up. I would want an assessment that shows they're currently working below Level 1 before enrolling on Level 1.

Clare Hancock

That's great, thanks for confirming :-)