Samantha Barker

Funding repayment


We have an issue that i need to unpick and correct and wondered if anyone had any help/advice please? One of our ‘Funded’ learners that we have claimed a full years funding for was actually on a Development program and should never have been funded.  (This was an internal communication issue from one of our coaches who has since left the team!!!)  but of course leaves us with a situation of having claimed for a learner who was not due any funding,  English Functional skills was also claimed.  These claims span across two Academic years.


Do you know how we go about repaying this money back to the ESFA so we remain compliant and can correct this error?

I am fairly new to Apprenticeship admin so apologies if this is a really obvious question!



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Ruth Canham-James

The guidance is in the provider Support Manual under the Correcting Errors section, in the bit titled;

Continuing learners who have an incorrect learning aim reference, or funding model

If that AED was in a previous year, and it was funded, that will then appear on your FRM27 report for the rest of the year. ESFA should then contact you after R14 to explain how they will claim it back. The FRM27 guidance just says "If there are errors outstanding in this report at R14, we will recover any funding overclaim", but they can't do it automatically as there are some circumstances when we should still have the money. Having said that, we've had stuff in our FRM27 for the last 3 years, and they've never contacted us to claim back. It was partly to do with COVID (one year they actively said they wouldn't recover anything), but I was expecting to be contacted about our 20/21 overclaim, small though it was.