Chris Roberts

PDSATS Sampler - Working Papers


HI all 

Has anyone managed to get the sampler working in PDSATs yet. I have had not any issues last year but its not playing ball for 21-22.

I keep getting he following errors and our IT team don't know how to resolve the issue either. 



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Sarah Wartnaby


I had the same problem and took a while to sort it. I have take screen shots below of mine if that helps? mines pointing at a Local SQL 

This one below is FIS

Chris Roberts

HI Sarah I have tried that but it doesn't work. 

Seems a bit stupid that you need to be an IT SQL server expert to get a simple audit excel spreadsheet. 


Martin West

It Is not looking for the FIS connection but the local db:

Chris Roberts

Thanks for your responses. Does anyone have a blank 16-19 template they could send me please?
I just want to know what the auditors guidance is around work placements and the rule change around EEP hours being more than 50% against planned hours.

Many thanks 



Sarah Wartnaby

Hi Chris Roberts 

Did you get a copy of the sampler? I can see if I can get a blank one tomorrow for you.

Many Thanks


Chris Roberts

HI Sarah yes I managed to get it working thanks.