Martin Locock

TNP2 entered incorrectly - new TNP or not?


We have a TNP2 price that was added to ILR with the incorrect price. We wish to correct it - can we amend the current TNP2 line, or do we need to add a new one?


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Ben James

If the start date is in the current contract year, you can overwrite it. If it's in an old contract year you'll need to add a new one with the appropriate date. 

Martin Locock

great thanks


...although this depends if it's matched with the wrong value on AS...

Assuming it hasn't (and you've spotted it because of a DLOCK), fine to overwrite.

Martin Locock

The helpdesk have advised that if the incorrect cost had been submitted in a previous collection period then a new record *is* needed, dated a day after the old one.