Martin Locock

Withdrawal from suspension in previous year (solved)


I have an apprentice who went on a suspension in Nov 2020; he had now confirmed that he will not be returning and so is a withdrawal.  I have revised the ILR to show that the date of start of suspension is now the actual end date.

When I validate the ILR it gets this error: 

FRM_04 FundModel=36|LearnActEndDate=17/11/2020| The learning actual end date must not be changed between years

So what date should I use as the Actual End Date?

** Update **

I realised that the date used for the start of suspension had been changed for the withdrawal date, and once changed back the error cleared.





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Basically, whatever date was on their Break In Learning record last year, even if it wasn't quite when they did their last learning, which I guess is what the issue is here? I'd be going to check my R14 to confirm what was in it.